Reaching Your Dreams

Reaching your dreams can be exciting and can be one of life’s big rewards especially if you’ve been working on a dream for a long time. Sometimes the dreams we have, the ones that we put so much effort into, don’t seem to surface exactly the way we think they should. Sometimes they come in round about ways and as we look at them in hindsight it can almost seem surreal as we see how it is that we’ve reached our destination.

Detours can be blessings

Sometimes there are detours. Sometimes these detours don’t make sense, but they are part of the journey and as we look back, we can see that without that specific detour, our final destination would not have been possible.

We may work on specific dreams for years and years. Other dreams we may only work on for a few months and still others may seem to take a lifetime. But they all take exactly the right amount of time that they’re supposed to take.

Intuition will Lead us to our Destination

The most important thing about the process and journey of accomplishing our dreams is tuning in to our intuition or listening to the spirit or what some call our Higher Power. Some call it looking within. If we ignore this, we can be going in directions that are unnecessary and can take detours that are unnecessary. But as we listen to that still small voice, we will stay on that path that will lead us to our destination and we will eventually feel that tremendous JOY as we fulfill our dreams.

I am truly grateful for the path I have been on for the past two years, for all the detours, for all the amazing people who have taught me so many amazing lessons. I’m grateful for choices that I’ve been able to make and for the place I am at today, where I can help so many people.

My dreams of creating a website where I could be of service to many, many people and to teach people to help themselves is a true blessing and I am in awe at the opportunities that I have each day to be of service to those in need.

Life is a journey with many twists and turns, enjoy the ride. Continue reaching for your dreams… Enjoy the journey… the destination will be worth it!

Many hugs to all of you,