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Choosing Joy!
Conquering Your Challenges
and Coming Out On Top
9 Week Program

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“When I learned what techniques it took to overcome a life that confused me, that didn’t make sense and overwhelmed me, I never looked back! Once I found the tools that supported me and lifted me to my greatest potential, my life radically changed. Now I want to help you find the power within and help you take control of your life – to help youfind YOUR JOY!” ~ Cathleen Spacil

Join Cathleen Spacil in this innovative, experiential program as she personally guides you on a transformative adventure whereyou will…

  • work with a proven formula that will assist you in conquering all challenges that have been put in your path.
  • regain your enthusiasm and zest for life.
  • discover the life of passion and purpose that you were born to live.
  • receive support and encouragement through personal coaching, personal emails and videos.

If you are ready to move beyond any one or more of these life-challenging situations, then you are in the right place!

    • diagnosed with a mental illness
    • enduring a brain injury or disorder
    • suffering from depression or PTSD
    • dealing with a life-altering accident or injury
    • surviving the loss of a relationship, job, home or business

You may be feeling overwhelmed and/or defeated and/or stressed in your life.

This innovative program, created and facilitated by Cathleen Spacil, makes it easy to commit to making changes in a highly focused, richly satisfying, and wonderfully integrated way.

During this 9-week program, you will be guided through this process of transformation by someone who knows first hand what it is like to experience major struggles and come out on top. Cathleen has personally experienced struggles and challenges, and knows exactly what it takes to choose joy and live her dreams.


Saying that it is simply a choice does not mean it is simple. Every moment brings the opportunity to choose. When you find the inner strength to say no to self-pity and say yes to joy, you open the way for your spirit and your inner desires to step out. And you begin the process of living the best life that is in you to live.

And when you have the right information, tools, resources, and environment, you can leave your struggle behind and turn your challenges into the path to living a life of passion and purpose, the life that you deserve.

Your enrollment in this program provides you with an inspiring structure of support, resources, and creative assignments to help you go from conquering your challenges to coming out on top.

What your Choosing Joy! Conquering Your Challenges and Coming Out On Top 9-Week Program includes:

    • 9 weekly intensive coaching sessions with Cathleen
    • Working Your Way to the Top Workbook with weekly lessons and resources
    • Weekly Awesome Awakening Videos to awaken your creative spirit
    • Inspiring Inklings – Personal e-mails sent weekly to encourage you along your joyful journey and to keep you moving forward on your path

In other words, everything you need to take what life has handed you,
turn it around, and come out on top!

What others are saying about Cathleen:

“I’ve had the honor of working with and getting to know Cathleen, and am SO inspired to share her incredible Choosing Joy telesummit. Cathleen is an amazing and JOY-full creator that has inspired me and so many others. Cathleen has been diagnosed with 6 mental illnesses and has also incurred a traumatic brain injury. Through all of this she decided she wanted to live a life of joy and went out to find the tools and resources to do just that. Cathleen is a shining example of what IS possible. She has turned her challenges into her mission…” ~SARK, teacher, leader, author and owner at


Cathleen’s passion to help others by promoting healing, happiness, and wellness with her coaching and other educational ventures is extraordinary! She provides beneficial and quality advice, while sharing her journey, on how to choose joy and come out on top. I highly recommend Cathleen’s services!” ~Darcy Keith, Professional Speaker, Darcy Keith Enterprises


Join Cathleen for her 9-week program
and Say YES to Choosing Joy!

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