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Coaching with Cathleen

Most of us have dreams, though we may not have dusted them off in quite a while. As an ARTbundance™ Coach, I can help you re-kindle your enthusiasm and quiet those inner critics that tell you to give up. I give you a regular injection of passion, enthusiasm, and external perspective, while also giving you creative, powerful ways to move you towards your outrageous dreams!

Working with me in an ARTbundance™ coaching session is not counseling and it’s not therapy. Usually done by phone, these coaching sessions are a practical, forward-looking way to gain clarity on what isn’t working in your life and what you can do about it.

Sometimes all it takes is finding that peace that you are looking for, that direction of where it is you wish you were in your life, finding the job you wish you had, the relationship you wish you were in, the career you have searched out for so long, the business you’d like to build, or the general happiness and joy you wish you had in your life – this is where I comes in. I want to help you find your PASSION!

It’s also a powerful support system to keep you moving in the right direction. It provides an external perspective on your life. You’ll move at a pace set by you, in a direction of your choosing. I can support you in moving from where you are now to wherever you want to be.

I want to help you LIVE your DREAMS! Living your DREAMS is what this life is all about. I know how important it is to live in the PRESENT and to put the past behind you and to not worry about the future. I want you to live in the PRESENT and to live your DREAMS right now! I have a proven strategy to help you do this!

To learn more about my personal approach, click here so we can connect to schedule your complimentary session.


Initial Consultation is Complimentary
Single Sessions and Packages Available
Prices Based on Your Specific Needs