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Creating a Day of Peace

Here are two things that you can begin doing today to assist you in creating a day of peace and minimizing or eliminating mental congestion.

  1. Upon waking decide what kind of day you want to create and embrace that state of being for the day

  2. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list

There is a difference between creating your day and being reactive to what is happening around you. You are going to align yourself with something during the day, so isn’t it better to choose what that will be? By creating your day and choosing how you will show up in it you are setting your intention for the day. What kind of day will you create? Peaceful, abundant, productive… the choice is yours!

If you are a list person, make a big shift in your day by putting yourself at the top of your list! You will be amazed at how starting your day mindfully can set the pace for your entire day. Try meditation, a walk, exercise or journaling.

Begin your day with you in mind!