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Brain Be Happy’s Community of Healing Membership Offers:

  • Weekly e-zine – inspirational guided activities emailed to you each week and sections are placed in the Happy Times Blog for members to comment on and discuss with one another in the Forums.
  • Awesome Awakenings Features – uplifting videos to creatively inspire you through your healing, posted on the Brain Be Happy YouTube Channel. http://www.youtube.com/brainbehappy
  • A wealth of first-hand knowledge – Cathleen, the founder of BrainBeHappy.com is involved and is an integral part of over 100 forums, groups and websites that she scans on a daily basis where she connects with people from all over the world to gather the most up-to-date information regarding mental health issues and traumatic brain injury (TBI) and acquired brain injury (ABI) issues. If there is any information a member needs or wants and she doesn’t have the information, she can go to these available resources and get the information within just a day or two.
  • Socialize in the Community on our Facebook Group: You will have the opportunity to socialize with others – the social networking capabilities in Brain Be Happy’s Community of Healing allows members to
    • Communicate with other Community members online
    • Add photos to and other media to share with one another
    • Inspire one another with information each person has experienced through triumphs as well as motivating each other to continue to build that cohesiveness that isn’t found in other groups/forums – this will be a place to share your positive spirits and energy
    • Words of comfort and support: There will be days of frustration and pain – on those days, members will have the support from others who are going through similar situations to lend a helping hand and offer words of comfort and support
    • Get involved in discussions that are thought-provoking and geared toward problem solving and solution based thinking.

Brain Be Happy’s Community of Healing is a place of COMFORT and HEALING. It is a place for those SURVIVING mental illness and/or complications due to brain injury and for their caregivers. This community is a positive, happy place and many people find it a refuge and resource that is different from any other community they have experienced.

You will be happy you made the decision to be a part of this wonderful healing community.

All of this is offered free of charge. We at Brain Be Happy are passionate about creating a positive place for those living with a brain injury or mental illness, where members can connect, support one another and discuss topics important to them.

To become a member contact
Cathleen at cathleen@brainbehappy.com