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Memory Loss Rehabilitation

From Cathleen

I found this really good website for Memory Improvement!
I hope you find it useful!
Hugs, Cathleen

As mentioned in “my story” I used to ask several questions a day to help me remember many things that I had forgotten. Another thing that helped me, to remember people who I had forgotten, was This helped me to re-familiarize myself with those people who I was friends with, who I had business ties with, and who were extended family members. I was able to reconnect with these people and to share with them what I had gone through and it was also a support system for me.

Another thing that helped me with my short-term memory, was to initially carry a spiral notebook and write down things. Sometimes, my brain would get so full of information I didn’t know what to do with all of it. It was like there were too many memories coming in too fast. I found that if I emptied my head onto the paper, I was able to organize the information and I didn’t feel so overwhelmed.

I also used this notebook to make lists of things that I needed to do. As I completed a task, I put a check next to it or drew a line through the task.

Another thing that helped was to set my day up with the same routine every day, in the same order. If things were done out of order, it seemed, and still seems that I forget to do the thing that was placed out of order.

I received Cognitive Therapy every week to help me deal with what had happened to me. This was also helpful.

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