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ECT Treatments

At the end of November 2009, I underwent ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) Treatments for a psychotic episode that I had been in for 4 weeks. I was given treatments 3 times a week for 5 weeks. When I was released from the hospital, I had completely lost my memory. All I knew was my immediate family. My husband said I could hardly walk. After I was released from the hospital, the doctor recommended I continue to have ECT Treatments. My husband asked him what the goal was in having the treatments and he just kept asking my husband how HE thought I was doing. My husband kept saying he didn’t feel like there was any improvement, but the doctor kept saying he thought I needed the treatments. In total, before the insurance stopped covering the treatments, I had a total of about 20 treatments.

When I was released from the hospital at the end of 2009, I didn’t know how to do hardly anything and had to relearn how to do just about everything. I went through over a year of frustration, depression, sadness and a lot of pain. After I stopped having the ECT Treatments, I started to get better. It was a very long road to recovery.

It wasn’t until after I launched and started to do research on ECT Treatments that I realized I had suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury from the ECT Treatments. Also, in my research I found that a normal course of treatment, when treated with ECTs is 4-6 treatments. I had approximately 20!

When I had my brain function tested, only about 26% of my brain functioning was working.

There are many hospitals who won’t do ECT Treatments and still many states that don’t allow ECT Treatment because of the harm they cause.

I know the reason I was given ECT Treatments was because I was in a psychotic episode and they had tried everything to get me out of it, and looking back, I’m not sure if we would have done anything different, but I want everyone to be educated as to the risks involved when it comes to ECTs.

The best resource I have found so far is I have read a whole bunch of material regarding ECT Treatment and could load this site up with information, but this site has the good and the bad. So, my job is to get you the information, then let you make the decision for yourself.

ECT Treatments are not cure alls. Doctors that tell you you won’t need your medication after having ECT Treatments are not telling the truth. I still need my medication. Doctors who want to give you more than 4-6 treatments, need to be questioned. Other forms of therapy should be tried before resorting to ECT. These are just my opinions. Do with them what you will. You can also see My Story for more information.

If you have any additional questions regarding my experience regarding ECTs feel free to e-mail me at